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Angelica Gown 1775-1790

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Angelica Gown 1775-1790


This a digital PDF download.  See 'About Your PDF' below for more details.


Sizes 30-52 in 3 size packs:

Size Pack A: 30-40
Size Pack B: 36-46
Size Pack C: 42-52

Difficulty: Advanced   

The Angelica Gown pattern is an elegant and versatile variant of the 'Italian Gown' style fashionable from the mid 1770s to the early 1790s. This type of gown has a skirt and bodice cut as separate pieces, differentiating it from the earlier Robe à l'Anglaise which featured a skirt and bodice center-back cut as one piece.

Both views of the Angelica gown feature deeply pointed backs waists, high narrow backs with sleeves set far into the back, a full pleated skirt open at the front, one-piece ¾ length sleeves, side bodice seams, removable interior boning, and a hidden front-laced closure.

View A has a plain bodice front with a short pointed front curve that ends in a truncated V, a four-panel back, and a skirt that finishes just above the floor.

View B features a longer sloped V at the front waist, optional serrated trim along the front waist edge, a two-panel back, and a slight train.

Mix and match fronts and backs and skirts for a variety of looks.

Dresses of this cut featuring short curved front points, like View A, were worn from 1775 onwards. The longer, straighter front V and serrated trim of View B were fashionable from 1780 onwards. Both styles began to fall out of favor from 1790 onward, but continued to be worn by poorer and less fashionable women (often as secondhand garments) up until the end of the 18th century.

The pattern features a clever skirt pattern based on 18th century skirt construction, as well as the detailed historical instructions and helpful fitting guide Scroop + Virgil's Fine Goods patterns are known for.

Each size pack comes with additional sleeve sizes, to make sleeve fitting as easy as possible.

 The Angelica Gown is designed to be worn over a full set of 18th century undergarments, including stays, such as the Augusta or Cassandra Stays and a false rump, such as the free Frances Rump.

This pattern does not include instructions on making the petticoat (skirt) that is visible at the front of the gown. There are numerous free tutorials for this on the internet.  

The instructions use historically-accurate methods and are entirely hand-sewn.  It is possible to do some steps by machine, but no machine-sewing instructions are included.  


Recommended Fabrics:

Outer: light or midweight fabrics including: block-printed cotton; plain, striped, and brocaded silks; plain and striped linens; plain and checked wools. Consult extant garments for examples of patterns, prints and weaves that were used in period.

Lining: light to midweight linen (most common) or block printed cotton (less common) or light-midweight silk (least common) 

Kezia is wearing View A in Size 34 in a reproduction cotton print from Colonial Williamsburg, with a silk petticoat.  She wears her Angelica over Augusta Stays and a smaller View B Frances Rump, to show what the gown looks like over a crescent rump with a less exaggerated silhouette.  

Leimomi is wearing View B in Size 40 in striped gold-yellow lightweight silk taffeta with matching petticoat. She wears her Angelica over Augusta Stays and a full split rump, to show what the gown looks like in a very high-fashion silhouette.

About your PDF:

This pattern is a digital download. Once you complete your purchase you’ll be sent an email with a link to download a zip file containing your printable files. You’ll need to open it on a computer: the zip file will not open on phones and tablets.

The Angelica Gown zip contains the following files:

  • Instructions: 36 pages
  • Print-At-Home Pattern: 46 pages (Size Pack A); 54 pages (Size Pack B); 58 pages (Size Pack C)
  • Copyshop Pattern: 2 A0 page (Size Pack A); 3 A0 page (Size Packs B & C) 
  • Printing Instructions: 3 pages
  • Fitting & Alterations Guide: 9 pages

Sizing Chart:

Paper Patterns:

A paper version of the Angelica Gown pattern is available through Virgil's Fine Goods in the USA.

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