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Aloha! I'm Leimomi Oakes and I'm a Hawaiian-born, Wellington, New Zealand-based fashion and textile historian, sewing teacher, and patternmaker.  I blog about sewing, design, fashion and textile history, New Zealand, and life at Now I'm making the patterns that I make for myself, and for my teaching, available here at Scroop.  

What is Scroop?

Scroop is the technical name for the rustling sound that silk and rayon taffeta make. Scroop is produced by an extra chemical treatment that hardens protein and cellulose based filaments, giving them their distinctive susurration.

Scroop patterns:

Scroop patterns are inspired by the idea of scroop: taking something wonderful and adding just a little bit extra to make it even more special and interesting.  

Scroop patterns draw on my extensive knowledge of fashion and textile history, the technical characteristics of fabrics, and my work as a sewing teacher. Every Scroop pattern is based on a design that I absolutely love and want to make and wear over and over again. All Scroop patterns have been tested and approved by my students for makeability, wearability, and loveability.

Scroop patterns feature:

  • Complete, easy to read notations on every pattern piece
    • Full instructions, including:
      • suggested pattern layouts
      • full sizing guides
      • full fabric guides
      • alteration tips to help you achieve the perfect fit
      • notes on why certain techniques and construction methods are recommended
      • tips on the easiest way to complete the trickier steps
    • PDF files for both:
      • A print-at-home pattern in A4 or Letter format
      • A copyshop pattern that prints on large size A0 paper, so you don’t have to tape the pattern together.

    Paper Patterns

    Paper versions of Scroop Patterns and Scroop + Virgil's Fine Goods patterns are sold via Virgil's Fine Goods in Ohio, USA