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         About digital PDF files         

Are all your patterns digital download PDFs?

Yes.  Every pattern sold here on is a downloadable PDF.  

Paper versions of Scroop Patterns and Scroop + Virgil's Fine Goods patterns are sold via Virgil's Fine Goods in Ohio, USA

How does a digital download PDF pattern work?

Digitial PDF patterns are downloadable PDF files.  When you buy one a download link is sent straight to your email, usually within a minute of your order being placed.  

You download the file, unzip it, open the PDFs, choose which sizes/views you want, print them out, and assemble them.  You can then start sewing right away, without having to wait for a pattern to arrive in the post.   

How long will it take for my pattern to arrive?

Your purchase email with a link to download the file should arrive in your inbox within minutes of you placing your order.  

The email will come from "Scroop Patterns <>"

If you can't find the email from SendOwl within 10 minute of placing your order, check your spam folder - sometimes the email ends up in it (particularly if you have a hotmail account).

I've downloaded the file, but can't figure out how to unzip the zip folder.  

Try downloading 7-zip and using it to unzip your folder:  It's free, and very good at unzipping files.

I've unzipped the files, but can't get them to open.  What do I do?

The files are best opened & printed with Adobe Reader.  It's free, and can be downloaded here:
You may find that you need to Right click on the files and select 'open' or 'Open with Adobe' if you're using a PC.  

Adobe will not only make it easier to open the files, it will ensure that they print properly (just be sure to click 'Actual Size' as your printing option).

Can I open the files on a tablet or phone?

Sorry, no.  The files are sent as .zip folders, which can't be opened on a tablet or phone.   

How many times can I download the file, and how long do I have to download it?

The download link will let you download the pattern three times.  The link is good for one year from the date of purchase.  

Most people only need to download their pattern once: once the pattern is downloaded you can print and use it as many times as you want for your own personal use.  

Once you've downloaded a file we recommend you save it to an online storage system, so that you have it in case you lose access to your computer.  

I like to email patterns to myself at multiple email addresses to ensure I'll always have them.  Dropbox is another good online storage system.

What size paper should I print the pattern on?

Every Scroop Pattern includes PDF files for both:

  • print-at-home pattern which is formatted to print on both A4 & US Letter size
  • copyshop pattern that prints on large size A0 paper, so you don’t have to tape the pattern together. 

            Pricing & Currency             

What currency are patterns sold in? should immediately show you the price for the patterns in your local currency.   

The pattern descriptions also tell you the price for the pattern in US$.  This is because the US$ is a widely recognised currency that most people will be able to mentally convert to their own currency, so they understand how much they are paying for a pattern. 


What is your return policy?

Sorry, returns are not available on digital downloads.   

            Pattern Use             

Can I make items from Scroop Patterns for sale?

Scroop Patterns are licensed for personal non-commercial use.  Please contact me to discuss a commercial license if you'd like to make items for sale.

I'm a tailor/seamstress for hire and a client has commissioned me to make them an item from a Scroop Pattern.  Is that allowed?  

Yes, items can be made from Scroop Patterns for commission.  However 'personal use' means the pattern belongs to the client: each client must have their own copy of the pattern.  

For example, if Client A wants four versions of the Fantail skirt, you can buy 1 copy of the Fantail Skirt pattern, and sew all four versions for Client A.  If Client B also wants a Fantail Skirt, you must buy a new Fantail Skirt pattern for Client B. 


Any other questions about Scroop Patterns?  

Please visit the contact page and send me a message!