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18th Century Mantle Bundle

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18th Century Mantle Bundle


This a digital PDF download.  See 'About Your PDF' below for more details.


Sizes S-XL (bust 30'' / 76cm - 52'' / 132cm)  This pattern is very flexible, and can easily fit sizes above and below this range.

Difficulty: Intermediate   

Be fashionably wrapped up from 1740 to 1810 with all three of our gorgeous 18th century mantle patterns!  From the darling Marie (1740-1779), to the chic Charlotte (1770-1795), to the dramatic Sophia (1775-1810), these three patterns will elevate all your 18th century costuming ensembles, be the perfect addition to your cosplay, and add a fun historybounding touch to your modern wardrobe.

With all three patterns you'll have 6 different body views, and instructions for:

  • Lined or unlined mantles.
  • Hooded and hoodless versions.
  • Interlining for extra-warm mantles.
  • Three hood styles: the small Marie with star pleating, the medium Charlotte with fan pleating, and the extravagantly large Sophia with hem pleating.
  • Working with lace to imitate the look of handmade lace 18th century mantles.
  • Almost every possible type of mantle trimming: pinked trim, hemmed trim, ruffled trim, pleated trim, lace, purchased fringe as well as self-made fringe, marabou, and faux fur.  

Mix and match hood pleating, linings, trims, and finishes between patterns for a practically limitless array of choices.   

Like all Scroop + Virgil's Fine Goods patterns, these pattern includes detailed user-friendly instructions for making the mantles using historical techniques, as well as extensive additional historical information about the fabrics, notions and techniques used.

Recommended Fabrics:

Outer Fabric: silk taffeta and satin, figured silks. Midweight fulled wools. Velvet and velveteen.  Sheer silks, sheer linens and sheer cottons including embroidered muslin for unlined versions.  Printed cottons for lined versions.

Lining (optional): Light-midweight silks including silk satin, lightweight taffetas, and silk lustring/lutestring. Cotton and wool mantles sometimes had cotton or linen linings or part-linings.

Interlining (optional): cotton or wool flannel, very thin wool quilt batting. Polyester quilt batting is NOT recommended as it is too bulky.

See the individual product listings for the specific fabric recommendations for each view.


The Models:

Lindsey is 5'8'' and a Size 38.  She wears a View A Marie with hood in Size M in pale lilac silk taffeta over a 1760s robe à la française in blue silk taffeta.

Kezia is 5'2'' and a Size 36.  She wears the same View A silk taffeta Marie in Size M over an Angelica Gown in reproduction 18th century cotton chintz.

Lindsey also wears a View B Marie with hood in size M in modern nylon bridal lace in ivory over the blue silk taffeta robe à la française.  The lace is available from

Averil is a 5'4'' and a Size 36.  She wears a hoodless View B Marie in Size S in fulled wool in black over an Amalia Jacket in reproduction 18th century cotton chintz.

Lydia is 5'7'' and a Size 40.  She wears a View A Charlotte with hood in Size M in embroidered Indian muslin in white.  She wears her Charlotte over a View B Aidah Gown in black linen.

Nina wears a View B Charlotte with hood in Size L in dotted silk-cotton gauze in black.  She wears her Charlotte over a View A Angelica gown in block printed Indian chintz.

Leimomi is 5'7'' and a Size 38.  She wears a View B Sophia in Size M in cream cotton/viscose velvet lined with silk taffeta. She wears her Charlotte over a View B Angelica Gown in striped silk.

About your PDF:

This pattern is a digital download. Once you complete your purchase you’ll be sent an email with a link to download a zip file containing your printable files. You’ll need to open it on a computer: the zip file will not open on phones and tablets.

The 18th Century Mantle Trio zip contains the following files:

  • Marie Instructions: 26 pages
  • Charlotte Instruction: 24 Pages
  • Sophia Instructions: 24 Pages
  • Marie Print-At-Home Pattern: 18 pages
  • Charlotte Print-at-Home Pattern: 23 pages
  • Sophia Print-at-Home Pattern: 18 pages 
  • Combined Copyshop Pattern: 4 A0 page  (each pattern can be printed on 1 or 2 pages) 
  • Printing Instructions: 6 pages

Paper Patterns:

A paper version of the mantle patterns is available through Virgil's Fine Goods in the USA.

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